Welcome to POL+M Candle Workshop

Our Candle Workshop is a virtual workshop to create your own candle using a candle making kit, with a small virtual group of participants (5 max).

Bring your favorite snacks + tea to your virtual workshop, and gift yourself (or someone) with a candle you made.

You can even sign up with your friends!

  • 1. Order your Candle Workshop + Kit Package here

    Each Candle Workshop + Kit Package provides 1 candle for you to create at our virtual workshop. Look out for the Kit in the mail.

  • 2. Schedule your virtual Candle Workshop here

    Schedule your desired Candle Workshop date at least 2 weeks after the purchase date of Candle Workshop + Kit Package, so your Kit can arrive timely.

  • 3. Show up to your virtual Candle Workshop

    Attend your scheduled Candle Workshop with the Kit received in the mail. Enjoy a refreshing time making your own special candle.